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Signs of Clairaudient Ability

Clairaudient simply means clear hearing. It is a psychic ability, and thus clairaudient ability is all about what you hear psychically. Other psychic abilities often accompany this ability, and sometimes mediumship as well. In mentoring others to fully develop their natural psychic ability, this psychic ability often carries the most fears to work through, especially if clairvoyance (clear seeing) is not also present.

Though you may expect to actually hear things with your ears, and sometimes do, clairaudience often also occurs within the mind, as a thought voice that isn’t your own.

Common Signs of Clairaudient Abilities

Hearing someone call your name as you are falling asleep or waking up (or any other time)

High pitched ringing sounds in your ears

Low pitched humming sounds in your ears

Hearing buzzing sounds in your ears

Hearing what may seem like thoughts within your mind at random that you know do not belong to you which may also come in a voice within your mind

Hearing noises within a room that others in the room do not hear

Hearing whispering in the distance

Hearing conversations in the distance when there is no one around who is talking

Hearing many people talking at once in the distance

Talking to yourself often

Hearing answers to your thoughts either in your head or with your ears

Songs or nusic just popping into your head

Hearing knocking often (especially 3 knocks)

While these are just a few signs of clairaudient ability, they are very common ones. This ability is often brushed away by people who have it simply because it can very often occur within the mind rather than the ears. Most expect the experience to be so much more profound than the subtle nature it most often comes in. People with the ability often are very sensitive to sound, and may actually show on tests that they hear lower and/or higher decibles than normal.

Clairaudient ability very often accompanies medium ability as well as other psychic abilities such as clairvoyance (clear seeing) and clairsentience (clear feeling). The information received can come from the higher self, guides, spirits on the other side, or even ghosts and other entities.
Clairaudient ability when fully recognized, and developed is an amazing psychic tool, and assistant to medium ability.

If you think you have this ability and you would like to talk about further developing it, I would love to hear from you! I offer a Psychic Development Consultation as well as an 8 week course for helping you further develop all of your natural psychic and/or medium abilities! Helping others develop their natural abilities is a passion for me, and I would LOVE to help you with yours!

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