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Signs of Spirit

Those we love who have already crossed to the other side are still with us for every important moment in our lives. They are often around us, and do many things to try and let us know they are there. You do not have to be a psychic medium to see the signs they are still with you. You just have to pay attention. The more you acknowledge their signs, the more they will use those signs to let you know when they are around you.

Signs of spirits visiting from the other side are completely different from those signs that let us know ghosts (those who are stuck here) are around us. Our loved ones who have crossed will often send signs that will make us think of them, though many will shrug these signs off as coincidences.


Some examples of smells spirits will use to let us know they are with us are perfumes, colognes, favorite flowers, and even certain dishes cooking that we might associate with them, such as a favorite pie a grandmother used to cook especially for you.


The most common examples of spirit using animals to make their presence known are using various types of birds and butterflies. Examples are birds or butterflies coming really close to you, or hovering very near a window where you are sitting. When animals are used, their behavior is highly unusual to the point where you realize something else is at work. A perfect example is a beloved grandmother collected hummingbirds, and hummingbirds seem to always be near the window where the granddaughter sits, as if peering in at her or trying to get her attention.


A couple of examples of music being used, is a woman whose love has passed on, will start hearing a song in her head that was a special song for the couple, and immediately makes her think of him, or a very old song that meant something to them is played on a radio station while she is in her car driving down the road that is unusual for that particular station to play.


Pennies being noticed on the floor in odd places in one’s pathway, where often the person did not notice a penny just moments before. Pay particular attention to the date on the pennies when this happens, and you will find the year being either significant to a loved one who has already crossed to the other side, or significant to your relationship with the person such as the year you married, the year of the person’s birth, or if you had a child together, the year your child was born. In these cases, the year will stand out. For example, it may be that it is unusual to find a penny that is so old just laying somewhere unusual in your path.


Another very common sign is orbs in photographs that cannot be explained, such as a group photo taken at a family gathering, or a special family event, in which there is a space between two people in the photo where the orb appears.

These are just a few common signs that your loved one is around you. You may find many other unusual signs that suddenly make you think of your loved one out of the blue. The more you pay attention, the more you will notice their signs!

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