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Signs You Are An Empath

There are a great number of empaths in our world at this time in history. Many have not yet realized they are empathic, whereas others may have always known it. Empaths are abound at many different stages of development, from not knowing, to just realizing, to learning to work with their empathic abilities, as well as those who have become masters at managing energy.

A person who is an empath, literally absorbs the energy or emotion around them. Because energy that is associated with a particular spirit, always is, that means an empath may also be able to feel that energy or emotion of spirits whether they are here with us still on this plane, alive and well, or spirits who have passed away, but still remain, as well as those who have passed to the other side, and are here momentarily visiting.

What many empaths may not realize in the beginning of the journey with this gift, is that not only do empaths absorb emotion or energy, you also project it. Thus when you are feeling very motivated, for example, everyone around you is also motivated. In turn when you are feeling very negatively, so is everyone around you.

The gift of empathy is a blessing, and is never a curse. Your perception of your empathic abilities is very important in your growth and journey, as is learning to work with, and use those abilities. There is a reason you have these abilities. The gift of empathy is a powerful gift, and is given to powerful beings. Accept this beautiful gift, and learn to use it for its highest good. You are literally part of a huge team that is here to raise the vibration levels of our world. There is certainly a long list of signs, as well as varying degrees of empathic ability.

While these , by far, are not the only signs you may be empathic, the following signs are very common ones in empaths. You may find you have all of these or only some of these, along with others not mentioned here.

You feel emotion (even your own) very intensely.

You are described by others as an emotional person.

Your moods often change for no apparent reason, and may coincide with others entering or leaving your environment.

Places have “feelings” to you, for example, you may walk into a place you have never been, and feel very uncomfortable when there is no obvious reason, or feel a wave of sadness or other intense emotion as you enter.

You are a musician, poet, writer, singer, or of any other creative talent. Others tell you your work makes them “feel”.

When you are highly emotional, small appliances may malfunction when you try to use them.

When you are highly emotional, light bulbs blow as you flip switches to turn them on.

When you are highly emotional and trying to use a computer, the computer malfunctions.

You seem to take on the physical “pain” of others.

You often wake around 3am.

You tend to know instantly when someone is lying to you.

Others view you as being very open, whether you view yourself that way or not.

Gatherings with large crowds make you feel anxious.

You tend to follow your feelings more than your intellect in decision making.

You sense ghosts or spirits and may often feel someone is there, when no one is visibly present.

TV commercials, songs, etc. make you cry. (from both sadness and joy)

You feel the energy of plants, trees, and other aspects of nature.

These are some of the more common signs of empathic ability. For the empath, learning to be aware and observant from within is the first step toward becoming fully in tune with this beautiful gift of feeling.

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