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Spirit Visits in Dreams

Often spirits who have crossed to the other side connect with us through visits in our dreams. It is when we are in our dream state that they are most naturally able to connect with those who are natural mediums. This is why mediumship, in its natural form, is often more experienced by us in dreams. For those natural mediums who are also able to communicate with those spirits who may be stuck here as ghosts, you may also experience them in dreams. Even our guides will often communicate with us through dreams.

Visits from spirit in our dreams, are very different from our “normal” dreams and often have very similar characteristics. Most will agree, when awakened from these dreams, you may find yourself looking around for the person you were just talking to, or feel like you were somewhere else and just got zapped back in somehow.

Common Characteristics of Spirit Visits From the Other Side in Dreams

You are being talked to but notice in the dream the persons lips don’t seem to be moving.

The person in your dreams seems elevated just a few inches above the ground.

There is some “higher” or specific message given.

You are awakened immediately after, and feel either as if you were just left, or you have just arrived back.

The person talking to you seems “brighter” than normal.

You feel a sense of love and peace even after awakened. (especially for those who are also empaths)

The dream doesn’t seem to “leave” you, meaning, you have trouble getting it out of your mind.

Common Characteristics of Ghost Communication Through Dreams

These signs are much more harsh, and may be an area that causes fear until this is better understood and learned to work with in awake time instead of dream time.


You have dreams where it feels as if whatever the experience is, you are actually experiencing it yourself complete with all the negative emotions associated with the experience. (most commonly considered nightmares) These dreams will make sense and will play out like a movie, rather than the common unconscious dreams that have elements that do not make sense. These dreams will leave you wondering who all these people were.

Dreams of people talking to you that are in clothing other than what is the norm for modern society. The clothing will be from a previous time in history.

Dreams of people where you can see their physical wounds, but otherwise, they look whole.

Dreams of people saying negative things but you feel what they are saying isn’t really being said to you, as if someone is showing you a “piece” of a conversation or event, or as if they are unaware you are witnessing what they are saying to someone else.

Dreams that you may not immediately remember, but you wake feeling as if someone is in the room with you.

Dreams where the “scene” you are watching involves a time in the past, indicated by things that are no longer a part of our modern world, such as older vehicles, furniture, etc.

Dreams Involving Guides

These dreams will seem quite different. Most commonly upon waking you feel as if you have connected with a very old friend who offered some wise advice about current situations or stumbling blocks in your life. Another common thing, for those in the natural state of mediumship, is you may not remember upon waking who you were actually talking to, or you may be confused because the person felt like a dear friend, but you don’t know the person here and now.

While these are a few common characteristics, they are certainly only a few. There are many other signs you are visiting with an energy other than one who is in the same state of “living” that you are though your dreams. One thing is for sure, and that is, these spirit visits in dreams hold messages for you, as well as others.

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