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Everyone we meet has something to teach us, and thus we are all constant students and teachers growing in our experiences called life. I am eternally grateful for all those who have been my teachers as well as those who have been my students.

I have made so many connections locally, and worldwide because of the beauty of living in the technology age we are currently in. I find it very exciting to have both learned from and taught others I would not otherwise have met without our current technology and ability to speak with someone for little to no cost across the world, making so many connections easily accessible to each other to work together in many different ways and to assist each other in many different ways. I am also grateful for living in this era where it is so easy to connect, being that many of my teachers and students I have met through the venues of technology who have become real life associates, clients, and friends.

It became also easy to access various forms of support and quickly find that no matter what you were seeking to learn more about, or find support with, or even just find others who were currently in the same types of situations that you found yourself in, you were able to. More and more, over the years, we have relied more on connecting with others who may in earlier days, been inaccessible to us.

Although I lived once without internet, it is still hard now to imagine life without it, or without the knowing it is there to come back to. It is really now fairly easily accessible from almost anywhere with all the different gadgets and forms of technology these days. So yes, for these, reasons, I am grateful for living in the age of technology we are currently living in. Without it, my life would have certainly been much different.

I believe we are drawn to others who can help us along our paths at different points and times in our lives. I believe many of those people are soul connections. I see more and more people who are soul connected these days through reading for others who are literally on opposite sides of the world from each other. I have even met soul connections in my own life through technology who were in another part of the world. I find that both fascinating, and affirming in that soul connections are meant to happen at certain points and times for whatever their purpose of learning and growth is together, because without the current state of technology the connection would not have been possible.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. I think that quote is mostly attributed to Buddha. I find that to be so true. When I have needed to learn, someone has appeared to teach me. I also feel others have been led to me at times when I could teach them, and help them grow.

I am sure many paranormal researchers and investigators may even say that many connections in this life may not have been made from even those who have been trapped here as ghosts without the current technology of this age.

I love this time of connecting with others during the beauty of this age. I am grateful for the many connections and partnerships I have made as a result of the technology available to us. I am grateful for both my teachers and my students, no matter how we have connected in life.

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