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Healing and Toxic Relationships

Wounds from our relationships that are left unhealed, return through other relationships. Knowledge is power and brings the ability to let go once the area in need of healing is acknowleged. We will continuously bring situations and circumstances back to ourselves that have been left unhealed, until they are healed,Read More

Love Begins With You

Throughout many societies and cultures, many are taught is better to think of another before yourself. To a certain extent, that is very true, however, the art of living from love begins with self. Love must be cultivated within you for you to be able to extend love, and trulyRead More

Communicating with the Universe

There are universal laws that we are governed by. These universal laws help to create our day to day reality. The way in which we communicate with God and our Universe has total power in what is manifested in our physical worlds. There are those who say The Law ofRead More

Don’t Wait – Live Now

We all have dreams. So often our dreams stay in the back of our minds, always on the back burner, with thoughts of pulling them out at some point, some day when life affords the opportunity to pursue them. Sadly, some live out entire lifetimes, and that “opportunity” never appears.Read More

All A Blessing ~ Ralph Marston

Music by Kevin MacLeod /Song: Somewhere Sunny

The Attitude of Gratitude

No matter what is going on in your life, there is always something to be grateful for. Emotions are energy, and that energy sets your vibration. Your vibration “asks” for what you want and need. The energy or emotion you feel sends out your request to the universe to beRead More

Think a New Thought

Signs You Are An Empath

There are a great number of empaths in our world at this time in history. Many have not yet realized they are empathic, whereas others may have always known it. Empaths are abound at many different stages of development, from not knowing, to just realizing, to learning to work withRead More

What Was Meant to Happen Did

Often, we may look back on situations, and find ourselves saying, “If I had just done this, then maybe this would have happened instead.” While it is important to evaluate our choices and learn and grow from them, it is equally important to move past the choices we have made.Read More

Living on the Flip Side

Are you aware that right now, at this moment in time, you are creating your life and all you experience and see around you? Literally what you are thinking and feeling right now, and giving your focus to right now, is planting the seeds of your future for you. Sure,Read More

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