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The Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit

Though technically a ghost is a spirit, when talking with a medium, most differentiate between the two by referring to one as a ghost and the other as a spirit. Basically when we speak of a spirit who has remained earth bound as a ghost, whereas when we speak of someone who crossed to the other side, we refer to them as spirits, or in spirit.

Ghosts are simply souls who got stuck because of some kind of negative experience or emotion that is holding them back from crossing to the other side. The choice is always within them, however, the emotion needs to be cleared for them to realize the choice still belongs to them.

Though some mediums do work with and are able to communicate with both ghosts and those in spirit, some only communicate with one or the other.

Many who have paranormal or supernatural experiences are unsure of what type of entity the experiences are coming from, and may be fearful of what is actually around them that they cannot see.

How to Tell the Difference Between a Ghost and a Spirit

Because a spirit has already crossed into the light, the experiences you will have when a spirit is visiting you are much different than the experiences a ghost brings. One who is in spirit is in the vibration of love, aand they are no longer attached to the negative emotions they may have felt when they were still with us. A ghost, however, is still attached to this plane, and still feels as they did before they died. For this reason, their behavior is quite different than that of one who is in spirit, therefore, the experiences of being in their presence is quite different.

When Your Visitor is a Ghost

When your visitor is a ghost, they will do things to try and get your attention if they are actually aware they are dead. Some  are not yet aware and may be stuck in a moment in time. Below or some common things that may happen when a ghost is in your environment.

You may be positive you set something in a certain place, no one has been in your environment to move it, but you find it is no longer there, and find it somewhere else entirely. They move things.

Doors or cabinets may open and close seemingly on their own.

Lights may go on and off.

Batteries in things may be drained of power.

You may hear footsteps or other banging noises.

What shows up if you take a photograph, in most cases, is ectoplasma, which looks similar to smoke, however, sometimes you may get a full image of a transparent person.

If you are  a natural medium with claiaudient ability, you may hear a low tone buzzing noise in your ears when in the presence of a ghost, or actually hear the ghost talking.

If you are a natural medium with empathic ability, what you will feel in the presence of a ghost will always be the negative emotion that has them stuck here such as guilt, fear, anger, or sadness

To a medium with clairvoyant ability, ghosts may appear to them through the eyes, and/or in the mind’s eye, or other infomation about the ghost may come through seeing within the mind’e eye..


When Your Visitor is a Spirit Who Has Crossed to the Other Side

Things associated with Spirit tend to happen in 3’s. For instance, you may hear 3 knocks at a door or on something.

Spirits tend to send animals around you close to you such as birds, butterflies, or even squirells.

Lights may flicker from the charge of energy to the environment, but not as if turned on and off deliberately.

Flames from as such from a candle may flicker, and/or go out.

Frequencies may seem messed up on devices such as cell phones.

Photos taken most often show orbs with a sort of nucleus within them.

If you are a natural medium with clairaudient abilities, you may hear a high pitched ringing in your ears, or even hear sounds such as music within your mind.

If you are a natural medium with clairvoyant ability, you may start to see different things within your mind’s eye such as symbols or objects related to the spirit who is in your presence..

If you are a natural medium with empathic ability, you will feel a deep sense of love and peace come over you, as this is what exists on the other side.


Spirits who exist on the other side only have the best of intentions for us, and are no longer connected to issues they may have had while here with us, as they now see and understand the greater picture, and are filled with love and peace. However, ghosts are still very much attached to issues they had while still living, and are still attached to the emotions they may have felt while living.

Rest assured, when ghosts are in your presence, angels, as well as the ghost’s loved ones on the other side are also near as they are constantly working to get the lost spirit back to the other side!

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