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The Difference Between a Psychic Medium and a Channel Medium

Psychic Mediums

I have often been asked to describe the difference between one who is a psychic medium and one who is a channel medium. They are definitely not one in the same, but are different abilities entirely. Though it is rare, there are some who are both a psychic medium as well as a channel medium. I am a psychic medium. Psychic mediums possess both the ability of mediumship as well as psychic abilities, and are able to read for others both psychically, as well as pass messages from other realms through their medium abilities.

One who is a psychic medium, is a receiver of messages from spirits on the other side. Through the gift of mediumship, as well as other psychic abilities that accompany the gift of mediumship, the medium is able to receive messages through their abilities by means of hearing, seeing, and even feeling information or messages passed to them by spirits who have crossed to the other side, and guides. In addition to being a medium, psychic medium may also be an empath, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, or have any combination of these psychic abilities.

The messages given to psychic mediums can come in the form of symbols that mean something to the medium, hearing words or complete sentences, seeing pictures or frames of information, feeling emotions or physical ailments, or literally anything the spirit can use through the medium’s psychic abilities to pass messages and validate who they are to the person the messages are for.

Psychic mediums may also be able to communicate with those spirits who have remained behind on our earthly plane as ghosts. Communication with ghosts can be much clearer as they are actually still within our own frequency, whereas those who have crossed are at a higher vibrational level.

Psychic mediums are fully aware of themselves, and in full earthly consciousness as they are passing messages to others, and retain full memory of the session. They literally act as a “medium” between this plane and other planes.

A few examples of famous psychic mediums are Lisa Williams, John Edwards, and Theresa Caputo.

Channel Mediums

Channel mediums, also called physical mediums, literally leave themselves, and allow an entity to take control of their bodies who speak through them, usually having no memory of what took place during the session. Channel mediums are said to be a “host” for other entities. Those entities can be spirits on the other side, spirits who are trapped here as ghosts, or even guides. Being a channel medium takes a much bigger toll than being a psychic medium, and often leaves the medium very exhausted, as all of their energy is spent during the sessions.

Channel mediums do not necessarily also have psychic abilities, though some do.

The channel medium’s face may even actually transform to look more like the spirit who is occupying and using their bodies. They will also suddenly have the voice and mannerisms of the spirit who is using them physically in order to communicate.

One famous channel was Edgar Cayce. He went into a trance like state where he was spoken through by others’ guides with vital messages for those who came to him to receive this information concerning past lives that were affecting their current life, life paths of their current incarnation, as well as career paths, karmic debts, and anything else that could assist them in their current incarnation. He returned to himself with no memory of what was said or what took place while he was in the trance, and thus had his secretary record all the sessions he conducted which are still stored, and used to help others at The Edgar Cayce Foundation in Virginia.

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