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The Difference Between a Psychic Reading and a Spirit Reading

If you are new to the world of getting readings, you may wonder what the difference between a psychic reading and a spirit reading is. When you see the term “psychic medium” it generally means the reader is both a medium and carries psychic abilities as well.

Psychic readings have to do with past, present, and future involving situations or circumstances within your life journey, and/or answers involving others in your life. Guides are consulted to help the psychic find the answers that you need using the reader’s natural psychic gifts. Strong empaths are able to tune into others in your life to help you better understand their feelings as well.

Some reasons people get psychic readings have to do with answers they need in relation to their relationships, including what the other is feeling, job and career questions, family situations where answers are needed, among many other reasons they may find themselves needing additional insight in their lives. Information is received through the various gifts the psychic has. In my case, I utilize empathy, clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (clear hearing), claircognizance (clear knowing), and clairsentience (clear feeling).

Spirit readings involve the gift of mediumship, which allows one to communicate with those who have already crossed to the other side, as well as those who have died, but may still be earthbound. Spirit readings are generally very healing, and often help others with much needed answers in relation to a loved one’s death, and closure with situations that may have occurred prior to their death. Often just the validation that their loved one is still around them and still very much a part of their lives is very healing, as well as just knowing their loved one arrived safely on the other side.

The gift of mediumship is also utilized in many other instances, such as missing persons cases, and crimes where there are no clues to the answers of what happened to an individual, as well as helping earth bound spirits cross to the other side. (Psychics may also be utilized in these instances as well.)

Mediums may be able to communicate with those on the other side, earthbound spirits, or both, depending on their life purposes in relation to the gift. For example, one of my purposes is rescue, and thus, I am able to communicate with both.

Choosing between a psychic reading and a spirit reading depends upon whether you are seeking information or communication from those who are not here. Our loved ones who have passed to the other side, and are in spirit, are not able to guide us along our paths here and now, however, their messages are full of love and hope. Guides, however, are very much able to help us with answers concerning our paths through a psychic reader.

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