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The Experience Theme

Believe it or not, the ones who seem to experience it all are actually here to do so, and it is actually either their primary or secondary theme. We all have both primary and secondary themes that go along with our ultimate purposes and what we are here for. The one here for experience is one of the ones who usually cause those around them who love them to worry for them, or fear for them in some way.

Signs You Are Here on An Experience Theme

You may either enjoy moving around and living in different places, or have often had life circumstances that caused you to move often, even if it is within the same general vicinity you started out in.

You have worn many different hats so far in your lifetime and have started and ended many different careers looking for your “fit”.

You become bored fairly easily when not feeling challenged.

You have an inquisitive interest in how things (objects, people, systems, etc) work.

You may have had many more experiences in your first 20 years of your life than most people tend to have throughout their entire lives.

You may have had multiple relationships with people of opposite extremes as if you have no common “type” of person who attracts you.

You have a healthy interest in cultures, and learning about many different types of cultures, and even wish to, or even follow through with living in many different types of cultures and societies.

You often feel there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you need or want to do.

You have a lot of energy. Some may say you have “nervous energy” or see you as “hyperactive”.

You seem to require less sleep than others around you.

You often motivate those around you to try things they haven’t tried before.

You have always seen yourself or have been seen by others as a “risk taker”.

Though you feel the fear, it rarely stops you from doing what you want to do.

Loved ones may constantly ask you things such as, “When are you going to finally settle down?” or make other remarks that question your stability.

You never really feel “settled”.

You adjust very well to change and often seek out change or work in some way to make change happen on a grander scale.

These are just a few of the signs you are here on an experience theme, but certainly not all of them. You may have a few and not all of them, some that aren’t listed, or all of them.

One who is here on an experience theme has a lot of different varied (and often opposite) experiences throughout their lifetime, and seek them out naturally through relationships, careers, and generally everything they do. They are the ones who are always up for trying something new and the first ones to dive in with everything they have until they learn everything there is to learn about something when they are interested in it.

Stability in career is usually found in an area where there is constantly more to learn and more branches to explore. One who is here on an experience theme is able to relate to others on many different levels because of all their varied experiences in life. You often find this theme paired with a rescue theme, a healing theme, a truth theme, or a justice theme.

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