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This I know, not only because I have been shown this by working with guides, but I have also seen validation of it over and over through my own life as well as through my connections with, and for others. We are meant to follow our hearts. We are meant to follow that which interests us deeply, or touches us deeply. Call it a road map for life from the inside. That’s truly what it is!

We have brought with us our own set of tools when we were born here. Our tools consist of previous experiences, personality traits we have here and now, which bring talents, gifts, and deep interests, as well as tools from many other resources we have to draw from.

It truly isn’t as difficult as many of us seem to want to make it! For so many, what calls the heart is so clear for others around them to see, and inside ourselves we see it as well. The struggle we have most often doesn’t lie in not knowing what we are deeply attracted to. Instead it lies within our own thinking patterns or dialogues within ourselves. Our obstacles along the path of the heart are truly created from within ourselves, and therefore, we have to get inside ourselves to rid ourselves of them.

Self doubt is the number one thing that keeps us from utilizing our talents and gifts to live the life of our dreams. The little voice inside your head when you think of writing that book, or whatever it is that you feel you want to do, that comes up with a million excuses about why you can’t. Those excuses just cover up the real issue, and the real issue really lies in what you are afraid of.

Get to the heart of what is creating the obstacles within you, heal them, and release them. From that moment forward when that negative little voice starts inside your head, replace with a positive thought related to your future success. It can take a little work, but with your own commitment to yourself, you can eliminate the negative self talk that is keeping you from setting goals that get you closer and closer to the life of your dreams.

Believe in yourself completely. You chose to come here with the gifts and the talents you brought with you to make the best life possible for yourself and be a living example for others to do the same. Trust that, and know there is a much bigger plan for yourself than you are allowing for yourself on the subconscious level. Know there is a higher consciousness within you that knew you could be successful with your talents here and now. That’s why you brought them! We are happiest, and exuding the highest vibration levels and joining with others to release them into mass consciousness when we are doing what we love. In doing what you love, you not only help yourself, but mass amounts of others on both a conscious and a subconscious level.

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