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The Many Benefits of Meditation

There are many benefits of meditation. It is the practice of calming oneself from within or being one with the silence. A great deal can be found in the silence to include much needed clarity in many situations. It has been said that prayer is talking to God, but meditation is listening.

It has been scientifically proven that there are many health benefits to meditation to include a natural lowering of blood pressure, cleared anxiety states, stress relief, and pain management, among others.

Meditation also keeps us in balance in so many different ways. It is beneficial for the overall well functioning of our bodies, and keeps the body, mind, and spirit in balance.

We all naturally meditate, whether we do it consciously and with conscious intention or not. Just think of times when your mind wandered to the point where when someone tried to get your attention, they couldn’t. You were naturally meditating.

For so many, life is only full of the hustle and bustle of busy and often stressful days, and even having time for the mind to naturally wander, much less meditate consciously is very tough, however, for those that make time for conscious meditation on a daily basis, stress levels dramatically decrease and clarity within life situations dramatically increases. When we don’t take time to go within ourselves, we always wind up finding ourselves “unbalanced”. This is especially true for anyone who works with the energies of others on a daily basis.

In terms of the metaphysical, when one begins to consciously meditate often (or even be put in a life position where they are unconsciously meditating often), any natural psychic or medium abilities or other spiritual abilities within become stronger quickly. I often have students who found themselves with a lot of alone time, began meditating a lot, whether consciously or unconsciously, and found their natural gifts getting stronger and stronger and harder and harder to ignore.

You don’t have to have any special meditation ritual, guided meditations, special positions, or have any special environment (though it does help if you feel comfortable where you are) to reap the many benefits of meditation. What is important is that you spend quiet time within yourself and find the still quiet space through whatever means takes you there.

Regardless of the reasons for starting a meditation routine, the benefits are well worth whatever time can be devoted to meditating. Even if that is only 10 minutes a day, the many benefits will be seen in all areas or your life in a very short amount of time.

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