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The Other Side of the Empath

When most people think of an empath, they might think of one who is so compassionate, they literally “feel” others, and therefore, may be sensitive to other’s emotions, but one might not initially realize what exactly being empathic entails. In actuality, the empath may seem far from compassionate to others at different times due to their own struggle to cope with their empathic abilities, even though, in many cases, the empath may not even be aware of this ability to “feel” others.

When the empath’s abilities are raw, others may see them as easily frustrated, “scatter brained”, unfocused, easily distracted or inattentive, and even in some cases, withdrawn. They may also be seen as overly emotional or emotionally withdrawn. Honestly, why wouldn’t they seem to have some or all of those traits at one particular time or another, being they have the constant sensory input of feeling others’ emotions, and in some cases, others’ physical pain coming at them in warp speed?

For these reasons, to the empath, the ability can feel more like a curse, than a gift, however, it is indeed a gift. It is not a curse in any way. The ability to use it as the gift that it actually is, lies in the perception or thoughts of the empath. If the perception is, being an empath is a curse, then that person will stay in that realm of not learning the adequate skills to rise above the negativity that may naturally occur in relation to the gift of empathy. The goal of the empath is to rise above that negativity and flip it over, turning it into a positive flow that helps raise the energy of everyone around!

There are ways to come to terms with this beautiful gift, and have it be the positive blessing that it is. Awareness, the realization of being only an observer, and being the observer are keys in learning to both accept and be grateful for the gift of empathy.

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