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The Pathway is Through the Heart

It is vitally important to your happiness that you follow and do what speaks to your heart. If you are seeking your pathway, you will find it through the heart. Your search of your own pathway ultimately takes you through your own heart center, and through the journey of discovering who you are (or remembering), learning to love who you are, and doing what you love every single day.

There is a reason for every single natural talent you have. There is a reason for every single deep interest you have, and everything you love to do. There is even a reason for your specific personality traits. Get to know yourself on a very deep level, and you will be holding the keys to what you are seeking.

When you follow your heart center, abundance in all forms naturally flows whether that was ever your intention for doing so or not.

The biggest challenges lie not only in really getting to know yourself on a very deep level, but also in believing in yourself and your ability to manifest the life of your dreams doing what you love!

Society has unfortunately caused many of us to take the belief that work and life should be hard and a struggle, when in fact, your life and your life’s work is meant to be quite the opposite, and that is exactly WHY you have the gifts, talents, and interests that you have!

The natural law of attraction helps life become magical by the beautiful vibration you set forth to the universe when you do what you love. Why? Because you feel good, and that beautiful feeling sends itself out to the universe to be matched with more and more things bouncing back to produce more and more of these beautiful feelings through what you are receiving back. It is amplified, intensified, and brings more to be grateful for with each grateful thought and feeling that is set forth.

If you cannot believe in yourself, then believe in the higher power that sent you. God is love, so what better way would there be to serve except through using what He sent you here with in service and love?

Start with the things others have always said you were good at, and those things that make you feel good when you do them.

The most important pathway you can take in life is the pathway through the heart. It is by this pathway you will make the most difference in your life and everyone’s life around you. This is the life designed for you and will always be your truest path. Your calling awaits you within your own heart.

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