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The Roles of the Rescuer

All part of the great make up that is you, is also what you have chosen as your life theme for you learning and growth in this lifetime. During these times in our history, there are most likely more here on rescue themes than there may have been in times past.

The roles of the rescuer vary according to many different things about each individual including astrology signs, (personality traits and interests) previous lifetime experiences, karmic ties, as well as the gifts and life tools you have brought with you in order to live your purpose. The one thing that always is the same, though, is the soul urgency to rescue on any and every level.

Rescuers are found in the medical fields, civil service fields (such as fireman, and other rescue workers), law enforcement, politics, as world leaders, clergy, teachers, writers, and many other career fields. In the metaphysical world of careers, you may see them working as psychics, healers, energy workers, mediums, ghost hunters/helpers, as well as many others. Rescuers are here to assist on many different levels.

It is important to note, though, not everyone who finds themselves in rescue based career fields, even those within the metaphysical world, are here on rescue themes. There are different primary themes combined with different secondary themes that may have landed them in those type of careers instead.

Traits of Someone Here on A Rescue Theme

Told from childhood by others things such as “You cannot save the world.”

A tender heart, combined with a very strong will

Often roots for the underdog

Saves animals, tries to soothe people, etc. from a young age

Others find them helpful.

Selfless when it comes to helping others, meaning they will neglect their own needs to help someone else

Have a strong need to help, and enjoy helping others

People who are in need of some type of help are attracted to them. They may often find family members and friends telling them they attract people in need, or other similar things.

Although very sensitive, and easily touched emotionally, they are also very head strong, and may sometimes seem dominating

Have a sixth, and maybe even a seventh, eighth, and ninth sense whether they acknowledge it or not

Usually have issues with accepting help when they need it

These are certainly not all the traits that those who are here for rescue have in common, but these are ones that seem to be true of all, or at least all those I’ve met.

If you find you are here for rescue, it is important to take time to rest, as well as to take time for yourself. The better you take care of yourself, the more of use you can be to others. Part of the journey of the rescuer involves learning to show yourself the love you show others, as well as learning balance.


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