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The Twin Flame Relationship

The twin flame relationship is the most challenging of all soul connections you will encounter in any lifetime. It is a very special soul connection between two souls to bring massive spiritual growth to each other. This connection is a connection like no other, and any relationship you create together is also like no other.

Twin Flames do not cross paths in every lifetime. They must both be at the same level of spiritual growth to come together in life. When they finally do, they may work together through many lifetimes to master the growth they are seeking from one another.

Whereas there is a feeling of already knowing another person from the moment you meet when you are soul connections, the twin flame connection is felt much deeper, and is very intense from the very first moment you cross paths. Twin Flames often feel as if there is something important they are to do together from the beginning, though neither may have a clue what it actually is they are meant to do at that point.

We all like to romanticize things, and many have a view of this type of relationship to be a beautiful bed of roses, however, those who have been through experiences with a twin flame more often describe just the opposite. Many challenges exist within this unique relationship.

Twin flames mirror within each other what needs to be removed in order to reach the next stage of their own spiritual awakenings, so they often may not like the people they bring out in each other during many stages of the relationship.

There are stages associated with the twin flame relationship. Not many actually make it through all the stages during their first lifetime meeting, though they will continue to work on this growth together for as many lifetimes as it takes!

I recently read an excellent blog post, The Stages of a Twin Flame Relationship, written by Steven Bancarz for The Spirit Science, which very accurately describes the stages associated with the twin flame relationship. If you find yourself in a twin flame relationship, it helps immensely if you can come to understand the growth you are seeking together.

It is during our challenging times within our relationships in life when we grow the most. The unique union of twin flames will bring much growth in many different ways and forms.

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