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Types of Hauntings

Is Your House Haunted?

Do you hear footsteps in the middle of the night, see objects being moved, or have other types of paranormal activity happening in your home?

There are basically two types of hauntings, with one of the types having two different levels of consciousness. Knowing what type of haunting is occurring may help you better be able to deal with what is taking place.

Actual Ghost Hauntings

In these cases, it is exactly as it seems! You have a ghost sharing your space! There are two main conscious levels of ghosts who are stuck here. Your ghost is either aware he or she is dead, or they are not!

There are times when one has had a very traumatic death, and has become caught in the cycle of the experience. In these cases, the person may be reliving the tragedy over and over, and may not actually be aware they have died. It can often takes quite some time before the ghost becomes aware they have actually died.

Once becoming more aware, it still may take time for the ghost to actually process their state of reality, and they may still remain confused for quite a while. It is often a fellow ghost who causes them to be more aware, though it can also be because they begin to notice others around them in the environment who are living they cannot seem interract with. Ghosts who are not aware they are dead are stuck in the environment they died in because of their perception of reality.

Then there are those who are very aware they are dead but for whatever their reason is, have chosen to stay here rather than cross over to the other side. Because these souls are more consciously aware of their state, they are not stuck to a certain location, and may often change locations easily.

There are a few different reasons souls purposely stay here. Some of those may include not wanting to leave a loved one, thus they wait on them, looking for someone who was lost to them when they died, waiting on justice for another person who may have been involved in their death, and being afraid of what fate awaits them. These aware ghosts will make every effort to get your attention and communicate with you.

Ghosts can be removed by working through a medium to cross them to the other side.

Signs of an Actual Ghost Haunting

These are a few signs you have an actual ghost haunting:

Noises are occuring at random times, ie someone talking, moving, etc.

Things are being moved from where you placed them

Chairs being moved or rocking chairs rocking on their own

Toys with batteries going haywire for no reason

Hearing someone walking around when you know you are alone at random times

Lights flickering on and off for no reason

Lights being turned off when you left them on, or being turned on when you left them off

Brand new batteries drained of any power

Glass objects being knocked off of flat surfaces as if by themselves and breaking

Doors opening and/or closing on their own

Cold drafts out of nowhere

Seeing apparitions either in the corner of your eye, or full on that only last a few seconds

The important thing to remember if you have an actual ghost haunting is this person is a soul in need of help. Though you may hurt yourself through your own fear, the ghost cannot actually hurt you. In most cases, they are just desperate to get your attention so that someone knows they are there!

Residual Energy Hauntings (Energy Imprints)

In this case there is not an actual ghost in your environment where a spirit has become trapped or stayed behind. Instead, what has happened is energy has been left behind as an imprint.

Energy imprints are caused by strong emotional energy. For instance when a traumatic event has taken place in an environment, the emotion that was felt by those involved stayed behind in the form of an energy imprint. The event may seem stuck in time, and replay at a certain time of day, every day.

Perhaps you have heard ghost stories about specific locations where the legend is if you are at the location at a specific time of night or day, screams may be heard, or other specific things may happen. This is a perfect example of an energy imprint, where an event replays over and over at the time of day it once occurred in the past.

Energy hauntings can be removed through clearning the energy where the event occurred.

Signs of a Residual Energy Haunting

The main difference betwenn a residual energy haunting and an actual ghost haunting is the energy from a traumatic emotional event is trapped in the environment where the event actually occurred, rather than an actual ghost being in the environment. The event is stuck on instant replay, and thus sounds and other occurences will either happen at the same time every day or the anniversary of the actual event.

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