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Types of Mediums

There are basically two types of mediums, though there are variations of abilities with each type. There is what is known as a psychic medium (sometimes called a spirit medium), and what is known as a physical medium (sometimes called a trance medium, or a channel medium). A person can be one of the two types or both.

The Psychic Medium

A psychic medium is both a psychic and a medium. The medium’s psychic abilities, whether they be empathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, or clairsentience, or any combination thereof, are utilized by the spirit or ghost who is trying to communicate to relay messages to the medium. Both ghosts (earthbound spirits) as well as spirits who have crossed to the other side, communicate messages for others through the medium. Earth bound spirits may also communicate with them directly because they are seeking help for themselves through the medium in order to be able to cross to the other side.

Psychic mediums are completely aware and conscious of themselves while working with their abilities.

Psychic mediums are well known for passing healing messages for a spirit who has crossed to the other side’s loved ones, as well as helping in missing person and unexplained deaths, and helping earth bound spirits cross to the other side. They may also be able to pass messages from higher vibration spirits such as guides, and angels.

Some famous psychic mediums are the late Sylvia Browne, John Edwards, and Lisa Williams.

The Physical Medium

Whereas the psychic medium receives the messages in various ways, the physical medium, also sometimes called a channel medium, actually works as a tool that other energies communicate through. This can be through spirits, ¬†guides, and other entities actually using the medium’s body, and speaking through the medium, or in other forms such as automatic writing, drawing, painting, or any other means through which the spirit utilizes the medium’s body to communicate through the medium

The main difference between the psychic medium and the physical medium, is the psychic medium remains fully conscious while passing the messages to the intended person, whereas, the physical medium is being communicated through and will most often have no memory of what happened during that time that another entity was using them as a vessel. The act of allowing another entity communicate through the use of one’s body is called channeling. The medium enters a trance like state during the channeling session, and another being takes over.

Physical mediums, most often, are not also psychics. Though they still may be, these two gifts do not work hand in hand as they do for a psychic medium.

A famous physical medium, known as the sleeping prophet, was Edgar Cayce. He would lie down, and enter a trance like state, in which a guide spoke through him to give important information to others regarding theirs and loved one’s life paths, and what avenues would best serve the person’s soul growth in this lifetime based on previous experiences and learning in previous incarnations, and the soul’s growth goals in their current lifetime.

Most often physical mediums channel messages from higher beings to help a mass amount of people rather than just one, however, physical mediums may also work with others one on one, just as a psychic medium may also work with many at once.

There is not only a difference in the way in which a psychic medium and a physical medium receives information, but there is also most often a difference in the type of spirits they work with to receive those messages, as well as the type of information they are able to pass on to help others.

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