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Variations of Mediumship

There are many variations of the gift of mediumship. A person who is a medium may have one side of the gift or both sides of the gift, meaning they may either be able to communicate with ghosts, or spirits here visiting from the other side, and higher vibrational entities, or both.

All psychics are not necessarily mediums, however, mediums come equipped with various combinations other psychic gifts that compliment the gift of mediumship. For instance, a medium may also be empathic or have the gift of “feeling”. In which case, the medium receives information from ghosts and the other side (and even others) in terms of “feelings” or emotions.

Other facets, are, the medium may also be clairvoyant, or clairaudient, in which case, the medium will also be able to see or hear information in relation to ghosts, who may be stuck here.

Mediums, for these reasons, receive information in various different ways. The information tends to be received in whatever way brings the medium to understand the message to be passed on from actually seeing ghosts and spirits, to receiving symbols and signs related to them, actually hearing them speak, seeing frames of information as if being shown, as well as any other way that helps the medium to clearly understand the message. How the message is received depends both on the personality of the medium, and the other gifts that accompany the gift of mediumship.

The actual information does not come from the medium. The medium is a messenger who is able to receive messages. Often times, the actual messages may not mean anything at all to the medium, but may mean everything to the person the message is intended for.

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