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Vibrations and Mediumship

Mediumship, like all other things, tends to be susceptible to the energy we put forth to bring things back to us, whether we are conscious of that reality or not. Feelings such as fear, or other negative emotions are of lower vibrations. Therefore, when we are putting out those negative emotions, the experiences we draw back to us are also negative, thus the information we tend to receive is also negative on any psychic or medium level.

For many who have the natural gift of mediumship, the major challenge comes in learning to work with and through any negative emotions such as fear. For some who feel drawn to work in the lower realms, learning coping mechanisms and strategies, as well as learning protection all are very important. Others may find themselves more drawn to work in other realms entirely, though, and may have difficulty learning the way to different vibrations in order to serve more of the purpose from their gifts they feel drawn to.

What we feel most drawn to has a lot to do with what our themes are here and now. For instance you may find a psychic medium who is here on a justice theme working with law enforcement in order to catch bad guys, but you may find another psychic medium who is here on a rescue theme working with them in order to find missing persons, or one who is here for healing working with the families to bring closure, or working to bring healing in many other ways.

Every person puts out a vibration through the emotions they are feeling. Those vibrations, in turn, through the natural law of attraction, attracts situations, circumstances, and things back to each of us. It is important to all of us in regard to what we bring back to ourselves, however, it is vitally important for those who are spiritually gifted. It makes the difference of whether or not the abilities become a gift or a curse within the spiritually gifted person’s life.

As a natural medium who was once full of fear, it has become my passion to help other natural mediums work through the fears they hold in relation to their gifts to help them realize the gift they hold versus the curse they once felt haunted by. Once fears are released, our vibrations are higher, which naturally changes the experiences we attract through the gift of mediumship.

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