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Visits From Angels

Thoughts of angels visiting might bring visions of celestial beings with beautiful white wings hovering over us, harp in hand, sending lovely angelic blessings. While it is true, angels are indeed around us, and always helping us unseen, we are also sometimes visited by angels we actually see in a normal physical form, and often without even being aware at the time of the visit, we are in the presence of one.

Visits from angels in human form are much more common occurrences than one might realize. I often hear accounts of angelic visits from clients. Very often, in their accounts, they felt the person they were interacting with was special, a beautiful person, or a very loving person. However, it was most often, after the encounter when they received what they felt was validation they had not been interacting with a person, but rather an angel.

To my surprise, I have had encounters of my own with angels in human form. In fact, I have had these visits several times that I am acutely aware of. With at least with some of those visits, I was not aware while I was in their presence they were any different than anyone else, except through the feelings of love I felt. The validation came afterward. The little ways I was made to know, left me with chills, as well as sensations of love. The messages were much more profound to me, having come the ways they did, than if I had just the feeling of their energies and the knowing they were near unseen, or the dreams they have often visited within that was common place to me.

The most life altering visits came when I was healing from melanoma cancer. I was 21 years old. The messages I received during those times in seemingly human form literally helped me heal and changed the entire course of my life. The message was very clear. The message was self love.

I was shown a great deal during those times as well. From that point on, I fell in love with the person I chose to come here to be. I stripped myself of fears, dogmas, negative environments, and begun to let myself be that person, and live from my own heart. I let go of others’ expectations of me, and I let go of my expectations of others.

There is a reason for all that pulls you. There are reasons you have the interests and gifts you have. They are tools meant to help you accomplish growth in this school called life, through being true to the person you came here to be.

It seems time and time again, when I hear of accounts of angels in human form, there seems to be a common denominator. During times when those individuals were struggling with “who they are”, or doubting the purpose that was choosing them, were most often when these special visits occurred.

There are certainly more pronounced visits from angels, as there are many, many accounts of every day people encountering angels in times of near tragedies and in their true angelic form. No matter how an angel appears in those special visits, or makes themselves known, the life that was touched by an angel, is forever changed.

I would love to hear about your visits from angels!

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