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We Are Powerful Creators

What Are You Creating?

We are all given the seemingly “invisible” ability to create our lives through the power of our minds and emotions. I am calling it “invisible” because for the most part, we live out many years of our lives, and for some, even their entire lives, without coming to the realization, or “seeing” that we are truly powerful creators, and the navigators of our own courses in life.

With mind and emotion we not only draw people into our lives, but also manifest good health, poor health, circumstances and situations, as well as abundance or poverty.

I’ve known a great many people, including myself, who have had a diagnosis such as cancer, with a prognosis that was the worst, who, through their own mind and emotion, turned the situation completely around, survived, and were changed forever by the experience and realization of what powerful creators we are.

If we internalize negative thoughts and emotions in regard to ourselves, that negativity, will in turn, manifest physically. It is also true that if we internalize positive thoughts and emotions in regard to ourselves, that also manifests physically. So in reality, we literally have the power to make ourselves sick or make ourselves well based on what we think and feel about ourselves, others, and our lives!

It is not God’s will that we suffer. It is God’s will that we live joyous and abundant lives, and help others to do the same! We are all blessed creations with many talents and gifts in order to in turn use, to create our lives.

I have run across many, who because of the circumstances they were born into, such as abusive environments, have very low feelings of self worth, and feel they are doomed to live the lives they are living.

We were given life circumstances from the beginning for various types of growth, that, in spirit, we are grateful to be a part of, and learn and grow through. Take the lessons, and let the negative experiences go.

It does not matter what circumstances you were born into. We all have the same power to create. The only thing that matters is what you choose to create in this moment with your own personal life navigation system, your internal dialogue. It is truly up to you whether you choose to empower yourself, and live the life of your dreams, or let your life be a haphazard manifestation of negativity.

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