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What Causes Déjà vu?

The déjà vu experience can actually be caused by more than one thing. It denotes a remembering of something or a familiarity with something that seems out of place or unusual in the current place and time.

Often the experience of déjà vu comes from our dreams. Precognitive or clairvoyant dreams can easily cause the experience, as what is seen within the dream will present itself in real life. Especially when the dreams are associated with events, although it is not uncommon for it to be just a small thing in conversation with someone, for example, that causes the experience, as just a remembering of having done this before.

Déjà vu that has more to do with places, for example, upon going somewhere you have never been, you are oddly and beyond reason familiar with the place, especially the geography of the area, has to do with something much deeper. This type of experience often comes from deep memories of past lives. Having that feeling of “having been here before” is you remembering life in another time.

There is also a sense of déjà vu that is attached to people, meaning there is a feeling of already knowing or having known a person that you have never actually met here and now. This can be attributed to several different scenarios, with one being that you actually did know each other in a past life, and another being that you have a soul memory of the knowledge you have planned to connect here and now.

For those who experience déjà vu, it is a very strong and often unsettling experience, as it is like having a memory, without remembering all the details. I have often known those who experienced it, and had their lives completely change from the experience, especially after seeking more validation of their “remembering” through avenues such as past life regressions, and even past life readings. The change within brings better understanding of there actually being purpose to each life experience, as well as upon how this experience expands on other experiences.

No matter the reason for the experience, I find the remembrance associated with déjà vu to be fascinating, as well as holding so much opportunity for learning and growth in understanding.

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