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What’s in a Moment? Living in the Present

You may think this is an odd post from a psychic. I think the overall misconception with (especially) psychic readings is that people only come to us because they feel they need to know something about either the past or the future, when in actuality, a great many people get psychic readings from someone such as me because they want to learn and understand how to live in the present moment, and how that ultimately affects the overall outcomes in their lives.

Part of learning and growing with my gifts along my life journey so far, was about learning to live in the present moment through learning about energies, the potentials that exist through quantum physics, and ultimately seeking to understand how all this works in relation to what I am actually “seeing”, otherwise sensing, and “experiencing” within the whole process.

There is great emotional balance that comes from actually being able to stay present in the moment. Our anxieties, fears, and worries are caused by living too far in the future, and not being present in the moment. We can also dwell in the past, which in reality, leaves us reliving our past mistakes over and over rather than actually moving on to a higher point in our lives where we are able to create experiences that are more rewarding than what may have existed in our pasts.

It is in the present moment where choices are made that ultimately bring the outcomes of our future experiences. The past cannot be changed, and the future does not yet exist. All that truly exists is this present moment.

Being wide awake in the present moment and truly observing all there is, is where all potential possibilities reside.

One of my favorite teachers on the subject of the power of living in the present moment is Eckhart Tolle. He has several awesome books that take you to the depth of the ultimate reality that everything exists in this moment only.

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