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When Psychic Abilities Are Raw

Many who are born with natural psychic abilities spend a good portion of their lives feeling as if they have been cursed rather than gifted. A great many look for ways to push the abilities away, or dull them, simply because they do not want them or know how to deal with them. When natural psychic abilities are raw, a great deal of fear can be associated with them, because while they are in a raw state, the visions that are naturally received can be traumatic for the undeveloped clairvoyant, and seeing ghosts everywhere, for the undeveloped medium, can also be very frightening. As a result, they may sometimes feel as if they are living in a constant state of fear.

One can feel alone with their psychic abilities, and feel as if they cannot talk to anyone about what they are experiencing, for fear others might think them to be crazy, or out of their mind. They may also find that family members just simply do not understand what they are going through, and therefore, their thoughts and opinions may instill more fear in relation to their natural psychic abilities. They may even find themselves in a state of depression wondering what life could be worth having these “gifts”.

Fear is a very debilitating negative emotion in many different ways. When one has natural psychic abilities, and is constantly feeling fear in relation to the visions that seem to come from nowhere, or even the visitors who are showing up unannounced, the information that is received by the natural psychic will continue to be negative. As in any other situation in life, the law of attraction brings more of that which is being felt. Therefore, the undeveloped psychic may seem to be in a never ending cycle of constantly receiving (seeing, hearing, etc) negative information.

When fear is associated with natural psychic abilities, it can be difficult to learn to actually work with them. When we are afraid of something, the natural reaction tends to be to push what we are afraid of away, rather than embrace it, or find a way to coexist with it.

Once the fear is dealt with, there are much brighter times ahead. From there, techniques can be learned, and information can be gained regarding how to have better control in working with the abilities, as well as how to turn those natural psychic abilities into a positive force that can be utilized to help others in many various ways. There can be peace with what has felt like a curse once the fear is released, and the pathway ahead becomes much clearer.

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