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Your Heart is Calling

What do you love? Everyone loves something. What would you never tire of doing or learning about? What are your interests, talents, gifts, or those things that make you feel joyful when you do them? Questions such as these lead to the heart. They also lead to you being the ever present being you are.

There are reasons for you interests, loves, passions, and those things and areas that you feel drawn to, and/or are naturally talented or gifted in. Pursuing those leads to living from the heart, and feeling joyous feelings and feelings of gratitude, which in turn brings more to be grateful for and more feelings of love and joy. It may seem a radical concept, but we were actually given those gifts and talents to come here and use in order to live productive, joyous, “in service” lives with them!

You simply cannot follow a certain path because it is what is expected of you by your social community (family, friends, etc). Following such a path only leads to a miserable life. You are unique in your personality, and the gifts and talents you brought with you into this life are unique. How could one ever be happy following a path that others expect rather than following the path laid before them? It isn’t possible. A content life, possibly, but still one that is always longing for something more. The challenge of every life in some ways, is to actually be who each of us came here to be.

Like attracts like. Joyous feelings and feelings of gratitude lead to more joyous feelings and attracting joy all around you. Being in a state of joy also leads to joining with others of likeness, and ultimately leads to the connection with oneness. Therefore, there is no doubt we are meant to feel joy and be joyous!

What is keeping you from following your heart? Leave your fears behind, and take action toward living the life of your dreams. One foot in front of the other, (or one action followed by another) sets you on a path. Close your eyes if you have to, but take that action! Every step made toward following your true path brings you closer to living the life you were meant to live.

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